Hear Constance Finley at CannaTech!

Besides being a leader in standardized, science-backed cannabis formulations, Constance Therapeutics has a unique heritage stemming from one woman’s story. Our founder Constance Finley regularly shares her journey and personal experience with cannabis, in the hopes that it might help others. As someone with a rare autoimmune disorder, she suffered debilitating symptoms and the trials and tribulations of finding any remedies (often pharmaceuticals that exacerbated her symptoms or created others). This led her to the world of medicinal cannabis, and then to founding her own company, because what she wanted – high-quality, safe, reliable standardized cannabis formulas – didn’t yet exist.

In the above video, Constance Finley shared her story at CannaTech, the Israel Cannabis (iCAN) flagship conference. CannaTech is the world’s premiere cannabis summit, connecting esteemed global leaders of the industry, covering research, regulation, innovation, investment, and sustainability, among other topics.

Finley serves on the iCAN board and will be speaking at and attending the next event, CannaTech Israel, in Tel Aviv on March 19–20, 2018! 

Check out israel-cannabis.com for additional details about the cannabis summit.

To learn more about having Constance speak at your event, or to work with Constance Therapeutics, please send a note to our PR team: kate@tatemfowler.com & karissa@tatemfowler.com