Certified by Constance: Living a Healthy Lifestyle


I consider myself an advocate for pure living and am often asked by members of our collective, colleagues and friends for my perspective or suggestions regarding various products and services to help them live healthier lives.

After all, sustainability and quality are of notable importance to Constance Therapeutics, and this correlates to how I live my life as well. I’ve decided to share with our blog readers a collection of the best resources and products I have discovered over the years, and I will continue to update you on my growing list of favorite things so that we may embark on this journey of pure living together. In this inaugural edition of Certified by Constance, I am focusing on one service and two products that support a healthy lifestyle.

I will continue to update you on my growing list of favorite things so that we may embark on this journey of pure living together

Healthy living has always been a priority for me, especially since I have been living with a rare autoimmune disease for nearly two decades. Studies have shown that being healthy isn’t just based on one aspect of well-being; in fact, there are four main spheres of health that contribute to overall wellness: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I actively search for products that can assist with balanced wellness across all four spheres, and here are a few that have earned my seal of approval.

HeartMath - We’ve all heard the saying “Listen to your heart.” HeartMath lives by that statement. It is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping individuals live in heart-mind alliance to open themselves up to connection with others on a heart-to-heart basis, dominated by feeling rather than thought. Acknowledging the feelings in your heart creates heart-empowerment, which enables you to be more spiritually and emotionally enlightened. As more people become heart-empowered, we come closer to a world driven by compassion and humanity. HeartMath has several programs created to help manage emotions and promote stress relief. The programs involve several devices that can monitor your heart, as well as instructional guides, to help you embrace this new heart-conscious lifestyle. HeartMath has been shown to reduce stress and is a unique therapy tool. It’s an amazing program that can revolutionize the way you see the world, others and yourself.

Bulletproof Coffee - If I told you to put butter in your morning coffee, would you call me crazy? Bulletproof Coffee combines freshly brewed coffee, brain octane oil and grass fed-butter for your daily cup o’ joe. It is highly praised by world-class athletes, doctors and even celebrities as a useful tool in weight loss and an effective energy boost.

Mother Dirt Lotion - When we think of bacteria, we often assume the worst. However, there are many types of very beneficial bacteria. Mother Dirt is a skincare company that uses bacteria for good. They have created an AO+ Mist that rebalances and replenishes the skin without the possibly damaging side-effects and artificial additives in traditional lotions. Creating the mist involved several years of research, and its development has resulted in Mother Dirt becoming a prominent leader in organic hygiene products.

These are just a few of many services and products that have proven to be useful and enriching in my journey to achieve wellness. Lifestyle change can be difficult, but maintaining a healthy existence is an incredible accomplishment. Do you have any products that have helped you achieve overall well-being?